Products to keep your hangovers at bay and bath salts for pre-party sessions – The Sun

THE average Brit suffers three hangovers a month – with the booze causing a gut bacteria imbalance which can lead to a lower immune system.

So getting your microbial diversity right can help keep an epic hangover, or cold, at bay. We trialled what works best, and also sampled bath salts for pre-party pamper sessions. . .


with Jane Atkinson

If you take two before drinking and one before bed, it is claimed this will help to break down toxins and give your body a fighting chance against the booze.

I woke up alert, energised and, most importantly, without a banging headache. A genuine mid-week pocket miracle. Would definitely recommend.

  • Yeti & The Fox, £5.99 – buy now
Experts recommend milkshakes as a hangover cure

Doctors recommend milkshakes as a simple, pill-free way to perk up after a heavy festive night out. I had a strawberry-and-clotted-cream flavour. Did it cure my head? No.

But the flavour took away the lingering prosecco, the sugar helped flagging energy levels and, at 249 cal per 330ml bottle, it was less calories than a fry-up. I’d have an aspirin next time.

  • Shaken Udder Milkshake, £1.49 – buy now 
These tablets will help to keep the worst of hangovers at bay

Taken daily, these tablets help to limit stomach upsets and skin outbreaks, support a healthy gut-lining and immunity, and are a long-term gameplan to keep the worst of hangovers at bay. I swear by them.

  • Bio-Kult digestive system, £9.25 – buy now


I added a couple of handfuls to my bath for a pamper session and the delicious-smelling fragrance of these soon had me hooked. My skin felt ultra-soft.

They are a good- value option, that smell great, and I’ll definitely continue to use this product in future.

  • Natura Siberica, Revitalising Bath Salt, 600g, £5.50 – buy now


This didn’t disappoint. The sea salt is enriched with organic marjoram, lavender and geranium essential oils – so smells heavenly.

Lavender, as well as Seaweed & Arnica, are also available. All are special editions for the festive period. Love them. Definitely my favourite.

  • Neal’s Yard Remedies, Special Edition Bath Salts, £15.50, 350g – buy now


Dead Sea and Epsom salts are main ingredients, with magnesium and 21 other minerals. The smell of cedarwood mixed with lavender and camomile is relaxing.

The salts dissolve quickly under running water so there’s no graininess. Nice product, but pricey.

  • Verdant Alchemy, Deep Drift Herbal Bath Salts, £26, 250g – buy now

Can you tell a £10 face of party make-up from a £1,000 one?

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Forever 21 Is Stocked With Fun and Festive Christmas Sweaters, and OMG That Tree Jumpsuit!

Forever 21 Is Stocked With Fun and Festive Christmas Sweaters, and OMG That Tree Jumpsuit!

Whether you’re going for sexy, funny, or cozy, all we’re asking for this 2019 holiday season are ugly Christmas sweaters that are affordable and full of holiday cheer. Lucky for us, Forever 21 has the cutest seasonal selection, ranging from full-on Christmas tree jumpsuits to “ugly” sweaters that we would proudly wear any day of December. With the funniest, sexiest, and most outrageous styles of the season, it’s a Christmas miracle that everything is under 50 bucks. Whether you need an outfit for Christmas dinner or a sexy style for a holiday party, Forever 21 has everything you need to make this season merry and bright.

Shop the cutest holiday clothes ahead!

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The ultimate his ’n’ hers Christmas gift guide for every budget — from £1 to £150 – The Sun

SPREAD the festive cheer with Fabulous Daily’s pick of the best gifts for 2019.

Whether you need inspiration for that special loved one, or last-minute stocking fillers, we’ve got it covered, from £1 to £150. So sit back and pick from this year’s his ’n’ hers gift guide.

Under £150

  1. PURE cashmere Fair Isle roll neck jumper, £149, from Marks & Spencer – buy now
  2. Slingsby Gin gift boxes in three flavours, £119.97 for three (£39.99 each), from Spirit of – buy now
  3. Leather flask with four cups, £85, from Amazon Handmade – buy now
  4. Dune London Malibu heels, £88, from Selfridges – buy now
  5. All New Amazon Echo, £89.99, from Amazon – buy now
  6. GHD Air Rose Gold Royal Dynasty hairdryer gift set, £99, from GHD – buy now
  7. INSTAX SQ6 camera – Gold, £89.99, from Currys PC World – buy now
  8. Livall BH51M Urban Bluetooth-enabled helmet, £139.65, from Halfords – buy now
  9. Under Armour Hovr Rise men’s training shoes, £85, from Under Armour – buy now
  10. Fitbit Versa Lite smartwatch, £129.99, from Argos – buy now
  11. Micro rocket scooter, £149.99, from Amazon – buy now
  12. Base layer top women’s, £65, from Sweaty Betty – buy now

Under £60

  1. STRANGER Things Monopoly, £27.99, from Waterstones – buy now
  2. Braun series 3 pro skin men’s shaver, £49.99, from Argos – buy now
  3. Rafe loafer slippers, £32.95, from Joules – buy now
  4. Ted Baker ultimate harmony gift set, £45, from Boots – buy now
  5. Liz Earle wide eyed wonder set, £39,from Boots – buy now
  6. urBeats3 headphones, £59.95. from BeatsByDrDre – buy now
  7. Rosie for Autograph purple bra, £28, and pants, £14, from M&S – buy now
  8. Marc Jacobs Daisy Love (pink) eau de toilette, 50ml, £57, from Boots – buy now
  9. Mardale reversable star scarf, £29.95, from Joules – buy now
  10. Harris tweed men’s gloves, £40, from Debenhams – buy now
  11. Rolling Stones sock box gift set, £39.95, from Happy Socks – buy now
  12. Chocolate-brown holdall PU bag, £55, from Burton – buy now


  1. COPPER globe, £15, from George at Asda – buy now
  2. “Champagne Dreams” eye mask, £12.50, from Oliver Bonas – buy now
  3. Animal egg cups, £12, from Fat Face – buy now
  4. Bianco cookbook by Chris Bianco, £25, from Waterstones – buy now
  5. Volkswagen Campervan travel mug, £11.99, from Studio – buy now
  6. Orla Kiely Scallop Flower medium wash bag, £21.99, from Fragrance Direct – buy now
  7. Escape From The Grand Hotel game, £18, from Lakeland – buy now
  8. Grey reindeer slipper boots, £14, from Debenhams – buy now
  9. Clipper tea sleep gift set, £12, from Tesco – buy now
  10. Glass coaster set of four, £16, from Paperchase – buy now
  11. Harris Tweed hip flask, £12, from Sainsbury’s
  12. Cottage Delight Sizzling Steak Night gift box, £18.99, from Lakeland – buy now

Under £10

  1. CADBURY Miniature Heroes game tin, £8, from Asda – buy now
  2. 50 chick flicks scratch-off bucket list, £8, from Boots – buy now
  3. Flamingo phone case and earphone set, £1, from Poundland – buy now
  4. Stonewear vase, £8, from George Home Asda – buy now
  5. Botanical indulgent body care trio, £5, from Wilko – buy now
  6. Navy diamante women’s gloves, £4, from Sainsbury’s – buy now
  7. “Merry” cushion, £7, from George Home Asda – buy now
  8. Cartwright and Butler spiced orange and cranberry shortbread gift tin, £10, from Cartwright and Butler – buy now
  9. Hot sauce and gin bottle Christmas decorations, £7.50 each, from Oliver Bonas – buy now
  10. Make your own star candle set, £6, from M&S – buy now
  11. Sloth hand warmer, £8, from Fat Face – buy now
  12. Vintage alarm clock, £10, from Neon Sheep – buy now
  • Not all products are available online, some offers are in-store only.

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The Fake Meat War

In case you haven’t heard, they’re making meat out of plants. Burgers out of soy and coconut. Fried chicken out of jackfruit. Steaks out of “cooked wheat gluten.”

Brands like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat have expanded into fast food, infiltrating chains like Burger King and Dunkin’ with meatless patties and breakfast sausage.

Meat people — that’s animal meat people, meaning ranchers and farmers and their lobbyists — say the competition is welcome. But, in 24 states this year, they have worked to pass legislation to make it illegal for plant-based food to be called meat. The measures’ supporters don’t want vegan or vegetarian food items to be called burgers, steaks or dogs.

In Louisiana, Francis Thompson, a Democratic state senator who sponsored a bill banning meat words, said in session that the issue had gone unchecked for far too long. “Broccoli is not rice,” he said. “And certainly tofu burgers are not meat.”

In Arkansas, David Hillman, a Republican state representative, was more evocative: “I want my rib-eye steak to have been walking around on four feet at one time or another.”

Now, the alternative meat-makers are fighting back. This week, a group of plaintiffs that includes Tofurky filed a lawsuit in Arkansas. They argue that the state’s law violates the First and Fourteenth Amendments and condescends to consumers who understand what is meant when “burger” is modified by the word “veggie.”

Tofurky and Upton’s Naturals have also filed suits in Missouri and Mississippi, with the support of the advocacy organizations the Good Food Institute and the Plant Based Foods Association. The A.C.L.U., the Institute for Justice and the Animal Legal Defense Fund are also involved.

“There’s just limited words in the English language to convey a concept that the consumer already understands,” said Michele Simon, the executive director of the Plant Based Foods Association. “If you want to convey something tastes like bacon, what do you do? Do you say it’s salty and fatty and, wink wink, pig-like? The point is that we should not have to engage in linguistic gymnastics.”

Many of the laws also forbid using meat words to describe lab-grown meat, despite the fact that lab-grown meat is made from animal cells. (These products are still very much in development and are not sold commercially.)

The laws in Louisiana and Arkansas also limit the use of the word “rice.” (Both are top rice producing states.) It’s putting products like cauliflower rice — which is cauliflower, “riced” — in the cross hairs.

Michael Klein, a spokesman for the USA Rice Federation, called such food items “rice pretenders.”

“We don’t want to be portrayed as trying to run these products out of town,” he said. “The issue is, let’s just call it what it is. Don’t market your products on our good name.”

Andy Gipson, the commissioner of Mississippi’s agriculture and commerce department, said in a statement that his state’s law was just common sense. “Words mean something,” he said.

The Vegan Resistance

Miyoko Schinner has been selling a cheese-like product made of cashews since 2014. The state of California prohibited her from calling it “vegan cheese.” She resigned herself to calling it “cultured nut product,” and for four years, cultured nut product it was.

“It was sort of a vegan secret,” she said. “If you were part of the vegan cult then you knew that the ‘cultured nut product’ meant cheese.” Her company used other phrasings — calling one product Aged English Sharp Farmhouse, for example — in an effort to evoke the banned term.

Then, at the dawn of 2018, Ms. Schinner decided she couldn’t be a cultured-nut-product-monger any longer. She started labeling her wares as vegan cheese. It was, she said, “absolutely” an act of civil disobedience.

“We are civilly disobeying every step along the way at this point,” she said.

Producers like Ms. Schinner say that it’s important for them to use words that people recognize on their packaging. It helps them appeal to new customers and can convince vendors to sell the products next to those they resemble. In the early 2000s, alternative milks were placed near their cow-derived counterparts, and sales began to grow. (According to data commissioned by the Good Food Institute and Plant Based Foods Association, alternative milks now make up 13 percent of the fluid milk market.)

“That move completely changed the category,” said Caroline Bushnell, an associate director at the Good Food Institute.

This has been upsetting to dairy farmers, who were already struggling before the alternative milk industry explosion. Though trade is perhaps more to blame for dairy farmers’ struggles, alternative milks have become an industry bugbear.

The American meat industry is far more stable. (In 2018, Americans were expected to eat a record-setting volume of meat.) But its producers have taken notice of the milkman’s troubles. Andy Berry, the executive vice president of the Mississippi Cattlemen’s Association, said that his members “looked at where dairy was 20 years ago and there’s a consensus that no one wants to end up where dairy is with these alternative products.” (At the moment, plant-based meat is roughly 1 percent of the market.)

While the meat labeling laws differ from state to state, suggesting that no one entity is behind them, talking points seem to have crossed state lines.

Lauren Waldrip Ward, the executive director of the Arkansas Rice Federation, compared her alternative-rice-hawking competitors to used car salesmen. “You can’t put a Cadillac sticker on a Kia and sell it as a Cadillac,” she said. Mike Deering, the executive vice president of the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association, stumbled upon a similar analogy. “You can’t put a Corvette sticker on a Chevrolet and call it a Corvette,” he said. And Mr. Berry, well, his family was actually in the Chevrolet business. “Not in any point in my time did my grandfather, my father or myself stick a Corvette sticker on the side of a Malibu,” he said.

Call Meat Maybe

In general, studies suggest that plant-based foods — even highly processed plant-based meat alternatives — have a smaller environmental footprint than traditional meat production. (Livestock are responsible for, roughly, 14.5 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions each year, and cows, used for both meat and dairy, are responsible for the most livestock emissions.) But as Vox recently reported, the scalability of the alternative meats industry, which is still a niche, will determine whether they can make any significant environmental contribution.

When it comes down to it, said Mr. Berry of the Mississippi Cattlemen’s Association, he’s genuinely impressed by the newcomers, and in particular, with the advances made in lab-grown meat. In a radio interview with SuperTalk Mississippi earlier this year, he called it “wonderful science.”

“We don’t have a problem as livestock producers with these products,” he said. “But it’s not meat, it’s not beef.”

But vegans and vegetarians insisted that the word “meat” does not refer solely to the flesh of dead animals. The first definition of the word in Webster’s New World College Dictionary is “food, especially solid food as distinguished from drink,” though it calls that usage archaic.

“It is meat, it’s just nut meat,” said Monica Stoutenborough, the owner of PuraVegan Cafe & Yoga, in St. Louis. Her cafe makes a sprouted seed-and-nut sausage. “It’s not flesh meat. But it’s nut meat!” she said.

Freya Dinshah, the president of the American Vegan Society, agreed.

“We’ve had nut meats for decades, if not centuries,” she said. “We’ve had coconut milk since probably the beginning of time and if they want to be explicit they can say cow milk and we can say soy milk. The dairy industry thinks they’ve got the corner on milk.”

This Milk Is Nuts

Since 1938, the federal government has been authorized to create and maintain definitions of food products. It does not enforce many of them. These definitions are called “standards of identity.”

For example, the “cherry content” of frozen cherry pies, according to the federal definition, must not be less than 25 percent of the weight of the pie. (And no more than 15 percent of the cherries involved may be blemished.) Likewise, the standard for French dressing restricts innovation with very specific oil-to-acid ratios. (The Association for Dressings and Sauces “would like to see the French dressing standard of identity repealed,” the organization said in a statement to The New York Times.)

The standard of identity for milk states right off the bat that milk is “the lacteal secretion, practically free from colostrum, obtained by the complete milking of one or more healthy cows.” Last year, Scott Gottlieb, then the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, said that the agency would soon review its standards for milk. (He also, infamously, declared “an almond doesn’t lactate.” He now serves on the board of directors of Pfizer.)

Plant-based food people argue that standards of identity lead to other absurdities.

Beefsteak tomatoes, for example, could be impacted by the Missouri legislation, as that law prohibits “misrepresenting a product as meat that is not derived from harvested production livestock or poultry.”

In the case of Louisiana, Jessica Almy, the director of policy at the Good Food Institute, argued that rice noodles could have a similar problem. Because they’re made of rice, not wheat, they don’t meet the U.S. government’s technical definition of noodles.

The makers of rice noodles are not particularly worried. “We appreciate the opportunity to address the new Louisiana Senate Bill 152,” said Tiina Henkusens, the regulatory affairs director in North America for McCormick & Co., Inc., a company which makes rice noodles under its Thai Kitchen brand. “Thai Kitchen Rice Noodles are made with only Rice and Water as indicated on the ingredient statement. Rice Noodles appropriately describes the product.”

Food Identity Politics

Ultimately, these semantic squabbles are about marketing. They’re not being fought by consumers.

“This is basically a fight between two industry sectors,” said Ms. Simon of the Plant Based Foods Association. “We didn’t pick the fight. Meanwhile, what is the consumer doing? They’re happily enjoying their meat and dairy alternatives.”

When Ms. Stoutenborough opened the PuraVegan cafe in 2011, she said it was the only vegan restaurant in St. Louis. The cafe received prank phone calls with meat jokes, people pretending that they wanted to order steaks. Potential customers did not even know how to pronounce “vegan.” (They rhymed it with pagan.)

“Now we don’t have to tell people how to say it anymore,” Ms. Stoutenborough said.

She said that she understood where the traditional meat producers were coming from; change is always uncomfortable. But she wasn’t worried about the Missouri law, and didn’t expect vegan progress to cease.

“What people eat on this planet is changing,” she said. “And when things change, some things flourish but some things don’t.”

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The best products for every type of mixed race curly hair

Curls often get lumped into one broad category when it comes to products, but they vary so much from head to head and deserve more careful categorisation. Whether your curls are fine, thick, kinky, coily or damaged, we’ve tried every one of these hero hair products for every curl concern. 

By now, it’s common knowledge that what might work miracles on that curly influencer’s coils might not automatically create the same effect on your own strands. As the natural hair movement gains traction and plays an instrumental part in completely changing the curly and afro haired landscape across the globe, our knowledge of hair products has also expanded. Thanks to YouTube tutorials, celebrities flaunting texture, diverse fashion and beauty campaigns, the rise in black female beauty entrepreneurs, and more representative beauty journalism, it’s a pretty good time to celebrate yourself and your heritage.

With this knowledge comes the privilege to discern what works best for us individually. Gone are the days of slathering on thick concoctions (marketed as an umbrella remedy for any type and texture), or using up half a bottle of flimsy conditioner that would serve a better purpose as fabric softener. Quite often, being mixed heritage brings its own cocktail of attributes, from skin tone to upbringing, and especially when it comes to hair texture. 

Many of us have had to discover what works for our hair the hard way – copying our straight-haired friends’ choices or reaching for whatever’s on offer at black hair shops. Even when we spend our hard earned coins on something just because a YouTuber recommended it, it still might not be the right fit because we haven’t considered how different their hair type, density, and texture is to ours. 

Yes, curly hair products often get lumped in the same boat – but one size doesn’t fit all. Even one head can be host to various different textures. Venture onwards for our pick of the most effective products for every kind of mixed race curly hair, and insights into how to categorise your own.

Best products for damaged curly hair

Heat, chemicals, bleach, and even just friction – there’s a lot that can mess up curls. The coily structure of each individual strand means there are more corners, meaning more points of potential breakage, plus natural oils from the scalp can’t slide their way down to the ends as smoothly as they can with straight strands. 

Add any (or a combo – shudder) of the aforementioned sins to an already weak-ish foundation, and hair just can’t cope. Luckily, giving up/reducing them and a good product routine really can reverse damage.

Dizziak Deep Conditioner

Dye-damaged hair desperately needs protein (the process breaks the hair’s own down), and this buttery mask is rich in the quinoa kind. A blend of plant oils leaves hair silky and repaired, making it the best remedy for bleached hair. 

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strength & Restore Leave In

All natural and in a hefty tub, this leave-in conditioner can be diluted for finer hair, used straight, or really dolloped on as a lightweight mask. Castor oil’s heralded for its follicle-stimulating powers; combined with tingly peppermint and clarifying apple cider vinegar, it’s like a daily supplement for frazzled strands.

Olaplex No 3 Hair Perfector

If you suspect your damaged hair has stopped growing, it probably hasn’t – breakage is to blame. The salon favourite can be used at home as a pre-shampoo treatment or leave-in, and seeks out broken bonds in the hair and repair them from the inside out. The results aren’t immediately obvious, but trust us – it’s working wonders.

Best products for fine curly hair

If you struggle with flat roots, fragile lengths, or your curls keep dropping, then your texture is most likely fine. You can truly gage its density by gathering it into a plait or ponytail, and seeing if it loses a lot of its volume. Fine curls get weighed down by thick conditioners, oils, and creamy shampoos, but it doesn’t mean these need to be cut from the line-up – dilute them with water to help them penetrate each strand and lessen their weight.

Maui Moisture Nourish & Moisture Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner

Lightweight nurturers aloe vera and coconut milk and water give finer textures much needed hydration, without weighing them down. Using a matching shampoo and conditioner isn’t always a must, but it truly is in this case – the pair are a total dream team.

Herbivore Sea Mist Texturising Coconut Salt Spray

If the tropical coconut, lime and vanilla scent doesn’t get you hooked on this, then the plumping powers it lends to your curls will complete the addiction. A few spritzes on roots and lengths adds hydration with aloe, and a bit of grit and texture with Pacific sea salt. Plus, you can use it on your body too.

Only Curls Enhancing Curl Gel

Gels of the past equalled crispy curls that didn’t move – but today’s formulas are a total necessity for hold and volume, even for fine strands. This one nurtures with avocado and kukui oil, but doesn’t weigh hair down at all. For best results, apply to soaking wet hair and scrunch out excess product and water with a microfiber towel/T-shirt.

Best products for thick curly hair

Thick hair’s coveted by everyone, but those blessed with it can get frustrated with the amount of products needed to cover all bases. Formulas that go the extra mile and save those coins are key, as is a nourishing plant oil – your plentiful strands can handle the weight. 

Equi Botanics Marula Oil Leave In Conditioner

Having abundant locks can mean products run out quicker than loo roll, but everything in Equi’s range is highly concentrated and a little goes such a long way. Mixed with some water or used straight, the leave-in coats strands and really feeds them. Everything in the range is pure magic and sells out fast, so it’s best to get in there sooner rather than later.

Nylah Super Seed Hair Oil

This blend of eleven cold-pressed (for max potency) plant oils is really something. Warm a couple of tablespoons up for a hot oil pre-shampoo hair and scalp treatment (the longer it stays in, the better), or apply over your styling products to seal in moisture.

Best products for kinky curly hair

If your curls are tighter and closer to that lustrous afro texture than looser curls, then they can be classified under this umbrella. Look for a really trusty leave-in to add moisture and definition, and take care when cleansing – the density of the curls means shampoo takes longer to rinse out properly.

Jim + Henry Eight Leave-in Conditioner

Organic Ghanaian shea butter and vitamin E supercharge this creamy leave-in, while rosemary oil ensures the scalp stays healthy. The generous helping and not-too-thick texture mean you get your money’s worth, plus it spreads over coils beautifully.

Keracare Twist & Define Cream

Ayurvedic amla oil is said to be the ultimate hair food, and this buttery cream takes advantage of its powers. Used best with twist outs or just throughout lengths, it moisturises and lends a soft hold.

As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner

A walnut-sized dollop of this cleanses scalp and strands while delivering a dose of hair-loving oils, making it a true two-in-one. Also, the blend of tangerine and coconut lingers in your hair and bathroom for days after use.

Best products for dry curly hair

Curls are naturally drier by nature, and damaging practices can worsen this like nothing else (along with cold weather, sun exposure, and hard water). Asides from putting away the straighteners, the best way to tackle dryness is to feed strands lots of nourishing products, both in and out of the shower, and avoid harsh sulphate shampoos at all costs. Lock it all in with a lightweight oil to make sure those hardworking products don’t evaporate.

Boucleme Cream Cleanser

Just because this cream cleanser doesn’t foam, doesn’t mean it’s not doing its job. Gentle enough for daily use and formulated with argan oil and aloe vera, it lifts dirt and product build-up from both scalp and strands while conditioning with maximum hydration.

Skimdo Original Cream

This revolutionary gel-cream lends a soft hold to curls while dousing them with nourishing jojoba and sunflower oils. Scrunch into wet hair and prepare for perfect coils for up to a week – we can attest. 

OGX Coconut Curls Conditioner

There’s something about this conditioner that guarantees soft, bouncy, shiny curls after every use. Maybe it’s the coconut oil, honey and citrus oil blend, or maybe it’s the fact that it also works great as a leave-in (only rinse about 75% of it out with cold water). It’s probably the combination of both that makes it a guaranteed good hair day in a bottle.

Best products for frizzy curly hair

Frizz can be caused by a number of things, but the main culprits are a) lack of moisture and damage, and b) how you’re drying your hair and sleeping on it. If your frizz is down to the former, scroll up for our damage-reversing heroes. If you’ve been using a common towel and a cotton pillowcase, then switch to an old t-shirt/microfiber towel and a silk or satin turban or pillowcase – the smoother fibres won’t aggravate the hair cuticle, meaning less tangles, moisture loss, and frizz.

Briogeo Farewell Frizz Rosehip, Argan and Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the few that can fit into the hair shaft, rather than coat it, thanks to its tiny molecular structure. Blended with lightweight rosehip and nourishing argan oil, this cocktail is perfect for adding just enough hydration to fluffy strands without weighing them down – add to damp hair at the final stage of your routine, or sparingly to dry hair if it’s on the finer side.

Bounce Curl Light Crème Gel with Aloe

Beloved by so many curly girls, this gel weightlessly gives shape to coils and seals in moisture and other products, avoiding frizz and keeping curls intact for up to five days. Apply to soaking wet hair, raking through and scrunching with a microfiber towel/t-shirt to avoid roughing up the hair cuticle.  

Silke Hair Wrap

The less freedom hair has to move around and rub up against your pillow in the night, the better. This 100% silk hair wrap preserves and protects curls, and makes anyone feel like a svelte retro screen siren – the perfect way to compliment faded tracksuit bottoms and a stained T-shirt. Tip: slather on a hair mask, a disposable shower cap, then the silk wrap for a proper night time nourishment session without messing up your sheets. 

Images: Getty/Courtesy of brands

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Kim Kardashian's Skims Cozy Collection Is My New Excuse to Lounge Around All Day, Every Day

Kim Kardashian’s Skims Cozy Collection Is My New Excuse to Lounge Around All Day, Every Day

Winter is my personal excuse to layer up until I’ve achieved maximum coziness levels, and Kim Kardashian’s Skims Solutionwear line is releasing a Cozy Collection designed specifically with comfort levels in mind. The collection features four luxe lounge pieces made from breathable yarn, including a Knit Robe ($128), Knit Pants ($88), Knit Tanks ($52), and Knit Shorts ($58) available in bone white, dusk, onyx, and cocoa — even the colors sound amazing!

“OMG I’ve been dying to share this with you guys . . . it’s probably my most exciting @skims launch yet!!!” Kim captioned an Instagram post revealing three pieces from the collection. “The Cozy Collection has pajamas and loungewear pieces that I have been living in at home — I even sleep in this robe sometimes! It comes in 4 amazing colors, you guys are going to die when you feel how soft this fabric is . . . you will never want to take it off!”

Take a sneak peek at the full collection ahead, and sign up for the wait list to be notified as soon as the line launches at on Dec. 9 at 9 a.m. PST/12 p.m. EST.

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H&M extends its sale after Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts

H&M never fails to impress with their trendy fashion pieces and homeware items, which is why news they have extended their sale following their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is music to our ears.

The sale is available on womens, mens, kids, home, as well as the Divided collection.

  • Shop the H&M sale here

What to buy in the H&M sale?

H&M's sale is not to be missed with huge discounts across everything from womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, and homeware.

For those who need. new glam outfit for their upcoming Christmas party, H&M has you covered, plus they have the basic essentials for everyday wear such as leggings, tops and T-shirts.

Plus you can grab a great bargain for the home, whether it is cushions, throws or other items of furniture.

  • Cotton Khaki Parka for ££28 was £39.99 – buy here
  • Puff Sleeved Dress for £40 was £49.99 – buy here
  • V Neck Playsuit for £17 was £24.99 – buy here
  • Sweatshirt all-in-one suit for £11.99 was £14.99 – buy here
  • Super Skinny Low Jeans for £13 was £17.99 – buy here
  • Paper Bag Trousers for £14 was £19.99 – buy here
  • Boxy Jersey Jacket for £28 was £39.99 – buy here
  • Cargo jumpsuit for £24 was £34.99 – buy here
  • Men's Straightedges Jeans for £17 was £24.99 – buy here
  • Biker jacket for £140 was £199.99 – buy here
  • Premium Cotton Jumper for £24 was £34.99 – buy here
  • Windbreaker for £17 now £24.99 – buy here
  • Down All In One Suit for £35 was £49.99 – buy here
  • Two Pack Jersey Dress for £6 was £7.99 – buy here
  • Two Pack T-Shirts for £6 was £7.99 – buy here
  • Leather loafers for £35 was £49.99 – buy here
  • Ankle Boots for £42 was £59.99 – buy here
  • Patterned Cushion Cover for £6 was £8.99 – buy here
  • Canvas Storage Basket for £13 was £17.99 – buy here
  • Small Wooden Chopping Board for £13 was £17.99 – buy here

How much will my H&M delivery cost?

There are three delivery options for customers to choose from, Standard, Next Day, as well as Click and Collect.

For just £3.99 customers can select the standard delivery, although this is free on orders over £20 for members, and completely free for Plus members.

Next Day delivery will only set you back £5.99, but you will receive your goodies the next day before 8pm.

For those who can get to a store, select the Click and Collect option, which only costs £3.99 unless you spend over £20, or are a member, in which case it will be free.


Looking for other bargain buys to help you on your way? Sun Selects has everything you need.

If you're on the hunt for even more affordable buys, check out our dedicated home, tech or garden and tools pages.

Want to treat yourself to something special while you're enjoying your shopping spree? Here are the fashion buys.

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Bella Hadid's Mixed-Print String Bikini Looks Like a Vintage Dream

Bella Hadid’s Mixed-Print String Bikini Looks Like a Vintage Dream

Bella Hadid, queen of bikinis, was spotted spending time near the pool in Miami. The 23-year-old supermodel is in town for Art Basel to promote her new eyewear collab with Chrome Hearts, and she also hit up the men’s Dior show, where Travis Scott just so happened to debut an awesome pair of Dior x Jordan sneakers.

Meanwhile, here’s Bella, showing off another incredible fashion find. Her two-piece string suit appeared to come in a floral vintage brushstroke print, and the side ties were a neat contrast in leopard. While we normally enter a search for swimsuits in a very specific pattern (say, snake, tie-dye, or gingham, for example), Bella’s giving us every reason to browse for mixed-print bikinis for our upcoming Winter getaways.

Bella completed her poolside ensemble with tortoise sunglasses that came equipped with tinted lenses. She also wore gold hoop earrings with a pearl drop, proving that for her, beachwear is definitely well thought-out. In fact, it might as well be comparable to a red carpet look — at least for Bella. Scroll down to catch another glimpse of Bella’s bikini, then shop for some similar wild sets we found that are just as striking.

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Tis the Season! Emma Roberts and Lea Michele Have Advice For Shopping Affordable Holiday Outfits and Fashion Gifts

Tis the Season! Emma Roberts and Lea Michele Have Advice For Shopping Affordable Holiday Outfits and Fashion Gifts

When Kohl’s throws a holiday party, you can count on the best gifts and tons of affordable holiday dressing ideas, which is exactly what I got after attending the “New Gifts at Every Turn” launch event in celebration of their NYC holiday pop-up shop. Oh, and some first-hand advice on shopping affordable holiday outfits from Emma Roberts and Lea Michele (casual).

The immersive holiday shop — which features mini shops from iconic Kohl’s brands like Simply Vera Vera Wang and LC Lauren Conrad as well as buzzy new labels JW Jason Wu and Elizabeth and James — is a treasure trove of gifts for everyone on your shopping list. What’s more, it’s an amazing spot to shop for affordable holiday outfits whether you’re in need of a new party dress, wintry work ensemble, or festive pair of heels.

To help you dream up the perfect holiday outfit, I had a few minutes to chat with both Emma and Lea about their go-to holiday outfit formulas, from Emma’s genius style hack for re-wearing the same dress to multiple parties, to Lea’s recommended look for meeting your significant other’s family for the first time (the pressure!). Plus, their affordable accessory picks, and gifts to tie it all together.

Keep scrolling for their holiday tips ahead. Then, shop all the pieces you need to re-create each holiday outfit on your own, all from Kohl’s.

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Jumpsuits For The Holidays: Julia Roberts, Kacey Musgraves & 20 More Stars In Sexy One-Pieces

The holidays are quickly approaching & if you’re looking for the perfect party outfit, look no further than some of our fave celebs, who have proved that jumpsuits are the perfect holiday look!

Now that the holidays are almost here, it’s time to start planning out all of your party outfits and instead of going with a traditional dress this year, why not switch it up? Some of our favorite stars including Julia Roberts, 52, and Kacey Musgraves, 31, have proved that jumpsuits make the perfect outfit for the holidays and there are a ton of different ways to wear them. Julia looked fabulous when she opted for something fancy on the red carpet at the British Fashion Awards at Royal Albert Hall in London on Dec. 2. The actress looked drop-dead-gorgeous in a skintight black Giorgio Armani Prive jumpsuit, completely covered in crystals. Julia’s outfit featured an insanely plunging V-neckline that showed off major cleavage, while the waist was cinched in. The bottom half of the suit featured tight flared leg pants and she accessorized with black pointed pumps and massive blue floral dangling earrings.

Another celeb who rocked a sparkly jumpsuit was Dakota Johnson, 30, at the 2019 Hollywood Film Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Nov. 3 in California. She looked stunning in a black tuxedo Saint Laurent Spring 2020 jumpsuit, totally covered in sequins. The top of the one-piece featured a blazer, which she chose to go braless under, and a thick black belt cinched in her waist.

One star who absolutely loves jumpsuits is Kacey, and her outfit for 53rd Annual CMA Awards in Nashville on Nov. 13, was gorgeous. The country singer looked fabulous in a skintight gold satin Cushnie Spring 2020 jumpsuit which featured a halter neckline and loose, flare-leg pants. She accessorized her sleeveless metallic ensemble with a pair of nude ankle-strap sandals.

Olivia Culpo, 27, was out shopping in Beverly Hills on December 1, when she looked fabulous in a skintight army green Retrofete Noa Jumpsuit. The strapless one-piece hugged her petite frame perfectly while the bodice was a corset featuring a sweetheart neckline that revealed major cleavage. Her tiny waist was cinched in with a belt, while the khaki pants were baggy around her legs and had pockets on the sides. She topped her look off with a pair of black pointed-toe lace-up leather booties and a black Chanel Quilted Flap Xl Bag.

There are so many different ways to rock a jumpsuit for the holidays and you can get inspiration when you click through the gallery above, to see all of the celebs wearing the sexy one-piece!

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